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About Tim Billings

How Can Personal Training Help You Look, Feel And Perform At Your Best?

I’m Tim, and I’d love to help you achieve your health, fitness and weight loss goals!

I will create a specific program to meet your needs and goals. If you need training that will finally shift that stubborn belly fat, tone or build your muscle, strengthen your bones and make you look and feel better, my training methods can do all of that. It’s not just for bodybuilders, athletes or people already in shape – it can be applied and adapted for everyone, no matter your age, gender, or previous level of experience and ability. So if you’re a mum who doesn’t have a lot of time and needs effective and fun training, or a guy who wants to put on lean muscle, I’ll show you what you’ve got to do.

Why Personal Training With Me?

I want to help. I’m in a position where I know how most people go wrong in their diets and training, and therefore don’t get results. I’ve taught many people my straight forward approach and it changes how they see diets and exercise forever – and they love it! In other words, I became a PT to help people achieve their goals and feel great about themselves, where they used to feel confused and frustrated.

Personal Training with me gets results, be it weight loss, improved fitness, or simply being fit for life.

My Mobile Personal Training Services and Qualifications

I am a Qualified and Insured Level 3 Personal Trainer, travelling to all my clients to provide Mobile Personal Training at homes and local outdoor spaces.

Whether you want to train outside or in your own home, I bring the gym to you! Combining proven training methods and nutritional coaching, you can achieve the weight loss results you want. Train with me 1 on 1, or bring a friend along for some encouragement or healthy competition.

Sessions will always be unique to you, however training will mostly utilise classic equipment like kettlebells, battleropes and TRX suspension equipment, as well as running and bodyweight movements that allow us to stimulate the entire body and its different energy systems every session. There will be a comprehensive warm up to reduce injury rates and get you ready for exercise physically and mentally, as well as finishing with core exercises and a cool down. You’ll always be encouraged to push yourself, but never shouted at. Overall, I’m here to help you as someone who genuinely cares about your success and wellbeing.

I have an honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science and I’ve been training in and out the gym for 9 years. I’ve done 9 years of competitive athletics, 5 years of rugby, 2 years of powerlifting and a lifetime of being active. My passion and education in physical exercise overlaps with my interest in meditation and wellbeing. Our bodies are made to move, and we feel great when we do! I want to show you how to train properly, get results, change your lifestyle and love the whole process.

My Locations

I am a mobile Personal Trainer based in Dartford, covering parts of Kent and South East London.

My Prices

I provide my personal training services at an average of £40 per session.

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I am committed to delivering outstanding personal training services. I travel to you to provide expert personal training services at home, outdoors or place of work and I'm passionate about supporting you to achieve your health and fitness goals.